Enterprise SEO Solutions and Automated SEO Services Platform for Major Brands, Franchises and Multiple Location Websites.

Our SEO Management Services and Software is an innovative SEO technology solution that helps brand marketers, franchises and agencies optimize their position in natural search. Our easy to use SEO software crawls and analyzes all relevant search data relating to keyword search terms and provides a organized SEO blueprint that enables the unified management of SEO efforts across the search space, delivering unprecedented transparency and accountability into your SEO activities on every individual page of your website.

Our SEO Service Teaches Every Web Page to Speak Locally and Clearly!

We optimize and localize every page giving each location or franchisee a local and viral based voice with natural or organic search positioning within their targeted markets. This local organic positioning guarantees relevance for online searchers providing success on a local level and allows for better conversions.

1. Perfect Search Visibility – All Relevant & Competing Sites are Crawled, Providing a Step by Step Blueprint to Out-Position Any Competition: NO SEO Guess Work!

It’s challenging enough to measure search activity and visibility on your own site; add the responsibility of tracking your competitors SEO efforts and the big picture can seem overwhelming.

Our SEO management tool crawls – competitors’ sites related to the targeted keyword phrases, search engines and then audits and scores every competitors move. Alerts us of critical changes that will affect your search rankings and positions our SEO Team to effectively address and forecast SEO placement issues before they become problems. This vital information is your blueprint and a SEO map to 1st page ranking that is provided to each site project manager via our daily task manager for implementation and completion.

Below is a screenshot of a clients targeted keywords and the daily task to implement!

2. Easy Accountability with Daily Task and Daily Reporting

Bringing accountability to search is critical to achieving success in the natural search space. Working with SEO consultants can be frustrating because of the lack of effective tools to measurable ROI to justify your investment.

We provide you with login’s to access and measure daily activity results. Full reporting of daily task, rankings, social profiles, backlinks, keyword phrases and more are available. This daily data and reporting allows you to look at each page to measure definitively whether our SEO efforts are successful.

Below is an example of a search ranking report for a client’s  keyword phrase “local dance studios”

3. Competitive Insight – We Eliminate the Guess Work

Measuring SEO performance of your site and your competitors is one giant step in the right direction. However, to win the visibility race against your competitors, you need know, not guess at the best strategies for using this data, a clear blueprint of where to go what steps are required, and what actions you need to take to get you there.

Our Enterprise SEO Tool helps us organize and prioritize your efforts while giveing you daily reporting and insight into which SEO technique and process is needed to garner you top rankings in the engines.

Below shows a report of clients current rank positioning and remaining competition and there links.